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Spay/Neuter Benefits

There are many benefits to the individual animal as well as the community. (Benefits listed below are from 


When to Spay

Spay/Neuter surgeries for puppies and kittens can be done as early as eight to sixteen weeks. Having kittens and pups altered before adoption (most are adopted when very young) ensures that there will not be any accidental litters. Female kittens and pups can become pregnant by the age of five months, so the past practice of waiting until animals are six months old has resulted in many an unwanted litter!

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Early-Age (Prepubertal) Spay/Neuter of Dogs and Cats (Approved by the AVMA House of Delegates 1994; revised by the AVMA Executive Board April 1999, April 2004). 
The AVMA supports the concept of early (prepubertal, 8 to 16 weeks of age) spay/neuter in dogs and cats in an effort to reduce the number of unwanted animals of these species.
In 1987, Leo L. Lieberman, DVM, challenged the veterinary profession to take a fresh look at our traditional timing for sterilization in his report published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA). He concluded that kittens and puppies sterilized as early as seven weeks of age suffer no medical or behavioral side effects.
His report also stated that puppies and kittens sterilized before twelve weeks of age had fewer complications from surgery than those over twelve weeks. The latest report by Lieberman, addressing the short-term results and complications (more accurately, the lack of complications) of prepubertal gonadectomies in cats and dogs, appeared in the July 1, 1997 issue of JAVMA. Lieberman received the 1997 Geraldine R. Dodge Humane Ethics in Action Award for his work in early-age spay/neuter and prevention of companion animal overpopulation. (from
The National Humane Education Society supports the concept and implementation of early-age spaying/neutering (at least eight weeks of age/or two pounds in weight) in healthy, vaccinated kittens and puppies. Remember though, it is NEVER too LATE to spay or neuter your pet! 


Low Cost Spay/Neuter Resources

UCAN Clinic (United Coalition for Animals)
   1230 West Eighth Street
   Cincinnati, OH 45203
   (513) 721-7387

Animal Friends Humane Society- Partnered with UCAN
    Set dates for pick-up from AFHS in Hamilton, OH (near Bridgewater Falls)
    $35 for a male or female cat, $65 for a male dog and $75 for a female dog.
    Vaccines and other services available.

    SNIP Program for low income families- $30 for a cat neuter, $35 for a cat spay, $40 for a dog neuter, and $50 for a dog spay.
    Call 513-867-5727 for details

    Deer Park-Silverton Firehouse
    7050 Blue Ash Road
    (513)-561-MASH appointment required

    $40 spay/$30 neuter, feral cats welcome


    Mobile s/n clinic for feral and pet cats
    Middletown, OH
    (513) 465-3295 call for info and dates

All About PetCare (they are a proud participant in the MARX program)
    3410 Tytus Ave.
    Middletown, OH 45042


The Neuter Scooter
Mobile vet clinic, for cats only, and they love ferals!

   Check their website ( for dates in the area
   $40 pre-paid, $50 day of clinic

The Pet Alliance (Spay Ohio Program)
   Assists the public in locating local, low cost spay/neuter resources for their pets or the strays in their neighborhood  
   (513) 753-3270


OAR Spay Neuter Clinic
    5619 Orlando Place
    Cincinnati, OH 45227

Animal Hospital of West Chester
    9335 Cincinnati-Columbus Rd (Rt.42)
    West Chester, OH 45069


Ohio Alleycat Resource & Spay/Neuter Clinic
    Conducts bi-weekly trap-neuter-return classes, lends out humane traps free of charge, and maintain a food bank for colony keepers, or 513-871-7297