Purrfect Friends Memorials:

Please join us to recognize the memorial donations made in memory of the loved ones listed below. We extend our deepest sympathies to each family in their time of loss.


In loving memory of Jennifer Miley, from her family.

Jeni was a Class of 2000 graduate of Winton Woods High School.  She lived in Greenhills, Ohio all of her life and was involved in many community activities.  She was captain of the Drill Team during her senior year and was also involved in the choir and band throughout the years of her high school career.  She was a volunteer with the HOSTS program, the Big Sister Organization and was active in the Christian organization, Young Life.  She also had a great love for animals and was always finding homes for stray cats and dogs. She attended the University of Cincinnati majoring in Journalism.  Her long term goal was to use this degree to have a career in broadcasting to help people on a world-wide scale.

In loving memory of Sweetie, from Roy Scheid
In loving memory of Margie Wilson, co-founder of Purrfect Friends Cat Rescue.

Margie was an integral part of our rescue, and is deeply missed by friends, family and furry ones alike. Her positive spirit and can-do attitude saved countless animals through the years and has been an inspiration to many people to continue her generous work. Her family kindly asked for donations in her memory to the rescue and the response was overwhelming- saving cats is her legacy. We will miss you Margie!! Read a wonderful article about her from the Journal News.

In Memory of Hatch, a loving, sweet Mt. Adams cat rescued by Angie Selchan (a PF founding member), from Generositee, a non-profit company that provides quality tee shirts for organizations at a reasonable price, and donates all profits to benefit women, children and animals. . Hatch our handsome Maine Coon brought joy to our lives and to the lives of our family and friends for the 11 ½ years he was on earth. He was more human than cat, as he had the uncanny ability to give you furry hugs whenever you held him. He loved to play catch and jump on beds. Always happy and purring, he was a gentle giant whose goal was to share love unconditionally. What a gift to us he was.
He came from humble beginnings when he was born on Hatch Street in the Mt. Adams area of Cincinnati. His parents were strays and he was pulled from them as a kitten by a wonderful woman, Joyce, who fostered him. She put his picture on the laundry-mat window and that’s where I first saw him in September of 2000. I adopted the tiny fur ball with the big paws within seconds of meeting him. He became the conduit to my work with rescuing animals and the link to the formation of the rescue group Purrfect Friends, a not-for-profit rescue group that I formed with 3 girlfriends in 2001. The group expanded and has an excellent reputation for fostering and placing over 500 cats a year in forever homes. Hatch’s legacy serves as a reminder that if you have love and a purpose you can change the world.
He and his siblings, all rescue cats, moved with me to Oregon in October of 2007 and we joined a much larger circle of family and friends when I met and married my loving husband Bruce. This is indeed a very sad time for us but we cherish our memories and are eternally grateful for the time we had with him.
Thanks to the staff at the Dove Lewis Hospital who cared for him in his final days and helped him with his peaceful journey to heaven. This was not the outcome we had hoped for, but we will always be grateful for the humanity and compassion we received. We trust that Hatch has safely arrived at the
Rainbow Bridge with a brand new heart and is purring and wagging his big fluffy tail.

In loving memory of Dan and Margaret Pennington's cat, Precious, from Sherry Case
and Pauleen Follmer
We are very sad to say goodbye to Iggy Cummins; his time with us was much too short, but we will treasure it always.

Watch Iggy's video that showcases what a special personality this little guy had!

In loving memory of Thelma King, mother of Nancy Buenemann (a Purrfect Friends volunteer), from Ryan and Cheryl Goldwire and Connie Wagner.

In loving memory of Punkin, Dixie West's cat, who lived a wonderful 20 years and will be missed.

In loving memory of Bernard B. Borden, father of Susan Borden from
Her co-workers at Bethesda North Medical Records and the CDMP Nurses
In loving memory of SugarPop, with deepest condolences from Pastor Kimberly A Rapczak. Although he was lost very young to the dreaded FIP virus, he won't be forgotten.

Watch SugarPop's legacy video

In loving memory of Cornelia "Nini" Hoffman from the Doctors and Staff of Lewis Animal Hospital.
November 2nd, 2017- In Loving Memory of Rachelle and David's cat, Nuggett
December 2017- In Loving Memory of Neko.

"Who believes that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes!" - Theophile Gantier

August 2018- In Loving Memory of Sami from the Scheid Family
August 2018- In Loving Memory of Smokey from the Scheid Family

Sept 2012-Feb 2019, In Loving Memory of Bob

A sweet, funny boy with a mischievous streak! He loved to climb things, knock things off of shelves, knock pictures off the wall and generally get into trouble. He investigated every bag and box that entered the house to make sure it was to his liking. As quick as he was to get into trouble, he would chirp and roll onto his back to show how cute he was. He loved to snuggle under the blankets and give head-butts and hugs. He brought love, joy and laughter to our lives. We love you and miss you Bob- you'll always be in our hearts.

Dec 2019- In loving memory of Rocky. The Curtis family will always smile at your memory.
March 2021- In loving memory of Wendell Viars. He was the sweetest, most gentle soul and brought so many smiles to people's faces, especially since working from home and his appearances on Zoom calls. From Melissa