Purrfect Friends Intake Request Form

Please fill out the intake request form completely for any cat(s) that you are requesting help for from Purrfect Friends. 

Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee acceptance of the cat(s) to Purrfect Friends organization but it will be reviewed along with all other requests by an intake committee.  

Please provide the following contact information:
First Name
Last Name
Street Address
State/Province        Zip/Postal Code:        County:
Home Phone
Cell Phone


How many cats need placement:

Cat Name:

Age of the cat:

Cat's Gender:

Cat Description:
Please indicate gender, color, breed, and whether the cat is short- or long-haired.

Need Placement By (Date):
Please indicate the date by which this cat must be placed; keep in mind that urgent requests (placements that must be immediate) are unlikely to be accepted.


Reason for Request:

Indicate if the cat is a stray cat, or an owner-surrendered cat. If an owner-surrender, please indicate reason the cat is being given up.

Cat's Behavior (Select all that apply):
Able to trim nails
Can pick up and hold
Does not like other cats
Lap cat
Litterbox issues (urination)
Litterbox issues (defecation)
OK with children
OK with dogs
Hates carrier
Has On-Going Medical Issue

Cat's Personality:

Is the Cat Declawed?

Is the Cat Spayed/Neutered?

If you have an appointment for spay/neuter for the future, what is the date of the surgery and location?

Is the Cat up-to-date on vaccines and flea treatment?
Veterinary records must be provided to show cat's currency on vaccines, flea treatment, etc.

Was the Cat healthy at the last vet visit?

When was the Cat's last vet visit?

Do you have any vet records for this Cat that you can provide?

Name of the Vet:     

Are you able to make a donation to offset the cost of care for the Cat? (please indicate the amount you could comfortably pledge):    Note: Purrfect Friends is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and your donation may be tax deductible 

Was the Cat adopted from a rescue originally?

If so, please list what group:           

How did you hear about Purrfect Friends?    


Courtesy Posting:
If we are unable to accept the cat at this time, we will courtesy post the cat's listing on our website, Petfinder, etc. We have had many cats adopted this way. 

Do you want us to Courtesy Post this cat?

Cat's Bio- this is what people will see about the cat:

Describe the cats physical characteristics, behaviors, etc. Be as descriptive as possible.

What Contact Information (from above) do you want in the posting?
Email        Home Phone Number       Alternate Phone Number 

Please email GOOD pictures of the cat to info@purrfectfriendscatrescue.org 


Owner Surrender Statement:
Please read carefully and acknowledge your acceptance should Purrfect Friends be able to accept the cat into our rescue. This is not a guarantee of intake!

I declare that I am the owner /current caregiver of the cat described above and that I have the authority to transfer ownership of this cat to Purrfect Friends Cat Rescue and their representatives.  Further, I declare that all of the information stated on this form is correct and is complete to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that falsification or omission of information regarding the above described cat may result in my being held liable for future actions of this cat, for future medical expenses for this cat or for legal expenses involved in any dispute of your right to surrender this cat to Purrfect Friends Cat Rescue. I hereby agree that the animal specified here which I own or which I have custody of, shall be removed from my custody and cared for by Purrfect Friends Cat Rescue.  Acceptance of the cat into the Purrfect Friends Cat Rescue adoption program is contingent upon the cat testing negative for the infectious diseases of Feline Aids (FIV) and Feline Leukemia (FELV)..

I understand that I am surrendering all ownership rights to the cat described above with the intention of its adoption and placement in a new home and that Purrfect Friends is under no obligation to inform me of the disposition of this cat.  I understand that if I wish to reverse the effect of this surrender, I must go through the normal adoption procedure for Purrfect Friends Cat Rescue, no exceptions.  Although not required, a financial donation to Purrfect Friends Cat Rescue is always appreciated in order to help defray the costs of caring for the cat until a new home can be found.

I have read and agree to these terms

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