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Build an enclosure for your cat. Most cats enjoy the outdoors, but it is typically not a safe place for your cat. Here are some links to enclosures that you can build or purchase so your cat can have the best of both the indoor and outdoor worlds and always remain safe, healthy and happy.

Cat Run
Purrfect Fence
Habitat Haven
Cat Enclosures



Even if you have no intention of your cat going outside, it only takes seconds for your cat to dart out an open door and quickly become lost. The chances of a stray cat brought to an animal shelter making it out to a new home are very low. Having your cat microchipped is a simple, quick and inexpensive procedure that will be worth its weight in gold when your lost cat is safely returned to you.

Local Resources to get your pet microchiped:

Animal Friends Humane Society
Check with your local veterinarian



Lost A Cat

Try these ideas if your cat is missing:

Plus more information can be found at these sites:

Animal Friends Humane Society- Butler County's animal shelter
Missing Pets of Butler County & Surrounding Areas (Facebook Page)- post the cat's picture and information
Butler County Dog Warden- post missing pets pictures to their page
Cincinnati Enquirer Classifieds- Lost and Found -Classified page - go under Services and Announcements to place ad. Search the Found Ads
Journal News- Post a Lost/Found Ad for Free. Search the Found Ads
Pet FBI for Lost and Found Ohio Pets. Create a flyer page
Helping Lost Pets - search found ads and post a lost ad with pictures. Create a flyer.
Cincinnati Craigslist Lost and Found- search found ads and post a lost ad
TabbyTracker- search found ads and post a lost ad with pictures. Search by Zip Code
Cats In The Bag Website great tips on finding your cat
Petfinder Pet Classifieds post a lost ad and search found ads

Wildwood Pet Network- suggestions on what to do to help find the lost animal

Missing Pet Partnership Unique recovery tips based on the lost pet's specific species and temperament
Home Again- info about microchipping and tips to find a lost pet
Find Toto  Phone Alert System to notify your neighbors of your lost, found or stolen pet
Local Channel 12 Pet Section- has a lost/found section has a Lost/Found Pet Section
Feline Finders Lost Cat Recovery Services lost and found pet ads
SPCA Cincinnati- check the shelter if you live near one of their locations





Found A Cat

I found a now what do I do? 




Say No to Declaw

Scratching is a natural behavior for your cat, and even the "advanced" declawing procedures are still painful for them and can lead to long-term behavioral issues and pain for your kitty. Declawing is an amputation- cutting bone and tendon- and would be like amputating your fingers at the first knuckle. These links will provide more information about the procedure, and alternatives to consider. There are also many tips about how to prevent your cat from scratching things you don't want kitty to scratch or how to correct this behavior if it is already happening. 

- The Paw Project- Indiana- excellent information and pictures about the detriments of declawing
- Declawing Cats: More Than Just a Manicure- Article from the Humane Society of the United States that explains the procedure.
- The Facts About Declawing, What You Really Need to Know- from ©Max's House®/S.T.A.R.T. II®
- Cat website dedicated to all information about why not to declaw your cat, and resources to help you make your "kitty with claws" work for everyone. 
- Softpaws- safe, non-toxic "caps" for your cats claws
- How to Trim Your Cats Claws
- Why Cats Scratch and Training Methods- Article on the HSUS website about why cats scratch- explains that this is a natural behavior, and gives tips about how to train your cat to scratch only appropriate objects
- Many links regarding all aspects of declawing your cat
- Order Plans for DIY Cat Trees
- How to make your own post from "scratch"


Adopt an FIV+ Cat

Most FIV+ cats who are kept inside and cared for, can live just as long, and be just as healthy as other cats. Please learn about FIV and consider adopting one of these wonderful pets!



More Cat Info

Are you having trouble affording your pet? Visit the Humane Society of the United States for helpful resources.

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