I found a  

now what do I do? 

If you are unable to locate the cat's owner, here are some choices:

A) Keep the cat! You may have just been found by your new family member
B) Keep trying to locate the owner. Some people do not report their cat missing quickly enough, so don't give up hope yet.
C) Ask your family and friends is someone wants to adopt the cat, or if they know of someone looking for a cat that would provide a good home.
D) Call local rescue groups to see if anyone has room for the cat, or better yet, visit them and ask if they can take the cat in. It will help if you have taken the cat to a vet prior to be checked out and can show them the paperwork.
E) Take the cat to a local shelter- some shelters are no-kill and some are not, so this is a point that you have to consider.
Most importantly, DON'T just abandon the cat outside! A stray cat faces many dangers in the outside world away from the food source, love and protection of an indoor home. Don't post "free cat" or "free kitten" signs or ads. People take advantage of these situations and sell the cats to research facilities or may abuse the cat themselves.


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